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First of all we we want to thank you for all your comments and messages. We are really happy about them.


Repeatedly you tell us how thankful you are because we share our big adventure in videos, pictures and travel tips with you.


We've been asked a lot, if there is a way to give something back to support us.


Consequently we thought about this topic and we finally found some possibilities which are completely free. 



Possibility 1 - Help us grow

We put much heart and sweat in our videos and also plenty of work.

One single video with subtitles takes easily 4-5 hours.


You really support us well if you subscribe our Youtube-Channel for free or if you watch our videos and give us your thumb up. You can write a comment or share our videos with your family and friends.

This helps a lot to grow our channel.


We are really grateful for that and also happy to be able to share our experiences with you. 

Sounds very obvious and easy, but for us it is even the most important method.

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Possibility 2 - Advertising and Affiliates

The Affiliate links (redirection to providers) are conducive for orientation, to find something quickly and / or our personal recommendation for you.


We use many of the suggested products and we recommend them because of our experience.


The generated turnover according to quantifiable success will be paid off as comission.

Of course it is up to you, if, where and when you buy these or other products.


If you click these links followed by a purchase / booking etc. you will support us without paying more or even paying us.



If you buy, book etc. something by clicking these Affiliate Links, you support us because we will get a paid off commission. In this way you don't pay a higher amount, the commission is paid off by the provider / company regarding the transmission.

Examples for own usage and recommended:

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Everyone knows the leading company. We booked many accomodations via You always have a great overview, you can book last-minute and there are always offers in all price ranges available. Especially if you want to travel cheap we recommend this provider. If you conduct a booking redirected by the link, we'll get a little comission paid by Your price isn't higher of course. 

Amazon Shop

Here you can get almost anything. The amazon shop doesn't know boundaries. Amazon is known for its big assortement of products and fast delivery. Your prices are of course not higher.


Are you going to buy or book something from one of the providers? If yes, just click the link before, you really help us a lot with that.

Thanks a lot for your support!


Possibility 3 - Immediate support

Here you have the possibility to support us directly and personal. Of course we have many expenditures, for example we have to pay for the website-server, domain, storage media, equipment etc.. Longtime travelling is undoubtedly very expensive, too.


We activated the donating function in our Paypal-Account. Here you can support us a little by clicking a button below. We are so grateful for your help. Thank you so much!

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Our content will always be free, but our travels are not. Your donations make these videos possible, thank you!